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Going Solar

Solar panels

A solar plant has been powering the wastewater treatment plant since mid September 2023. In just four months, the plant has generated 55,500 kWh of locally produced clean energy. The plant sheds snow well and starts producing energy soon after snow events.

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies for Plant Production

The 55,500kWh of clean electricity produced by the plant has environmental benefits equivalent to:

  • Avoiding 61,529 miles driven by gas powered cars
  • Avoiding the burning of 26,886 pounds of coal
  • Carbon sequestered by 397 seedlings grown for 10 years

The energy produced by the plant in the 4 months it has been in operation is enough to:

  • Cover the electricity use of 4.7 homes for one year
  • Charge 2,919,622 smart phones
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