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About Us

The Durango West Metropolitan District No. 2 (The District) is a public agency created under the law of Colorado to serve residents of DW2. The District provides a domestic water system, a complete sanitary sewage system and is responsible for the maintenance and snow removal for roads within the District boundaries.

The District is governed by an elected board of five homeowners and currently has 1 part-time employee and a Water and Wastewater Operator. The District maintains and operates both a water processing plant and a waste water treatment plant which meet or exceed state and federal standards. DW2 gets its water from four district owned wells and from Lake Durango Water Authority, which contracts with Lake Nighthorse for some of its water.

The purpose of Durango West Metropolitan District No. 2 is to provide our community with a reliable, safe supply of water that meets or exceeds state and federal drinking water standards, provide well maintained roads and open space, and to provide proper disposal and processing of wastewater according to state guidance – at a reasonable cost, while taking a fiscally responsible approach towards repair and maintenance of our infrastructure.

Water emergency support is available 24 hours every day through contacting the Water Operator. 

Complete information regarding all aspects of the District and its services, fees, financials, board members and meetings, policies, regulations and transparency can be found on the main menu on the homepage.

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