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Fire Mitigation Map and Schedule

Fire Mitigation week of June 10th may begin June 6th

UPDATE: Contractor ahead of schedule and may start Thursday, June 6th and continue week of June 10th

Attention homeowners, 

Fire Smart will begin mitigating for wildfire within Metro District open space on the week of June 10. Please see the picture below which details the area that they will be working.  The focus of this work will be to reduce the connectivity of fuels leading up to homes. There will be a special focus on backing fuels away from flammable fence lines and structures. Fire Smart is aware of screening sensitivities with the work they will be completing and will maintain as much screening as possible between homes and Highway 160. However, there is a lot of connected fuels and there has been considerable die back of Gamble oak and so it is possible that some screening will be lost.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the work to be completed, please call John at 970-759-3707.

Aerial map view showing residential area with streets and houses, labeled with street names and some business markers.


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